Happy February

Now that everyone is ‘back to normal’, the year has really started, I realize that I have kept my intentions for 2016 very close to the chest. I’ve never been one for annual goal setting, but I do like having a clear intention for the year. This year I have opted for the ‘choose a … More Happy February

The new black

I was a playful and headstrong child – I knew exactly what I wanted, and what I didn’t want – and probably drove my parents up the walls in the process. I remember an explosive discussion at age 3 over an orange dress that I absolutely wanted to wear – even if my mom felt … More The new black

Just do it

No, this post is not sponsored by Nike. Though if anyone wants to make that happen, don’t let me stop you. We often reside in our heads. It’s amazing how much time we spend there. Planning. Remembering. Dreaming. Fantasizing. In a good way. In a bad way. An enormous amount of thoughts and stories builds … More Just do it